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Hex Dice Vault

Hex Dice Vault

Goodberry Workshop

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The Hexagonal Dice Vault is a haven for your lucky sevens (and other polyhedral companions), crafted from the finest hardwoods known to the planes. Whether you seek the sun-kissed warmth of Cherry, the mystical swirls of Curly Maple, the deep shadows of Black Limba, the comforting hearth tones of Walnut, or the blood-red glory of Bloodwood, each vault is a unique treasure in itself.

This ain't no mimic chest, though. This vault is built to withstand the rigors of the adventuring life, keeping your dice safe from bumps, scratches, and even the occasional tantrum-prone toddler (or beholder). The plush cork lining cradles your precious implements like a dragon protecting its hoard, while the hexagonal design deflects rogue rolls with the grace of a seasoned bard.

But wait, there's more! The lid of this versatile gem flips into a mini dice tray, ready to unleash your inner champion at any tavern table or forgotten dungeon corner. No more scrambling for loose change or sacrificing your dignity with impromptu napkin trays. Roll in style, adventurer!

Here's why this vault deserves a place in your bag:

    • Hexagonal design: Because circles are for orcs, polygons are for champions!
    • Hardwood majesty: Choose your weapon (wood, that is) and let its natural beauty enhance your game.
    • Built to last: Mimics beware, your dice are safe from harm here.
    • Protective embrace: The cork lining says "chill out, dice" better than any bardic lullaby.
    • Doubles as a dice tray: Unleash your polyhedral fury wherever fate takes you.
    • Compact and portable: Fits snugly in your bag, ready for the next encounter.
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