About Our Dice

What are your dice made of?

Resin. Occasionally, they will have inclusions which may not be resin.

Are your dice balanced?

They are as balanced as any other commercially available dice. They're perfectly fine for casual play, but you probably shouldn't use these to make high-stakes bets or other life-altering choices.

How much do your dice cost?

Sets of 7 will start ~$99 and Single D20's will start ~$25. This may vary from set to set based on additional labor/materials or quality.

Where do you get your molds?

We make them! We use a 3.5" x 2.25" stainless steel circular food mold with an acrylic bottom.

Are your dice 100% perfect?

We try our best to make them as flawless as possible, but each set may have tiny flaws. These are handmade items and our dumb hands don't always do what we tell them to. If there are any glaring issues not addressed on the item listing, reach out to us.


We don't currently accept commissions.

How did you do X on this set?

If you're interested to know how we achieved any sort of result or effect in any of our sets, shoot us a message on Instagram. We'll try to get back to you with how we did it, but no guarantees. Also, be nice. I (Cameron) will actively avoid any of these questions where you're being rude or spamming us.

Who writes the dice bios on the site and also most of the FAQ answers?

Cameron. Please send grievances or any issues with terrible jokes to Sara.



We ship via USPS First-Class Mail.

Shipping within the USA is free for orders of $50 and over.

International shipping is a whole other beast. Rates will be calculated at checkout. Here's a rough guide:

  • Canada: ~$12
  • Mexico: ~$12
  • Australia: ~$17
  • UK: Not currently available based on new Brexit VAT issues.

International buyers are responsible for import taxes and duties according to their countries' guidelines.

If your item is damaged during shipping, send us a message on Instagram or at goodberryworkshop@gmail.com along with any relevant pictures. We'll do our best to reach an outcome that works for both of us.


International shipping has been incredibly delayed as of late. Please allow up to 3 months for any orders outside of North America to arrive.